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A Great Big Thank You

Shalom. It’s hard to believe that Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the rest of the Holidays of 2017 are behind us. For many weeks, so many people in our temple community were hard at work preparing a myriad of details and tasks.

While it is impossible to thank every professional and volunteer by name, I do want to single out a select group of young people. For many people, one of the highlights of our High Holiday worship is the participation of our teens and young people in chanting Torah and Haftarah during the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. The teens (and their humble teacher) dedicate many hours of effort and practice in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays and I would like to thank each and everyone of them. On behalf of the clergy and a loving congregation, we offer our thanks to the following young people for elevating our prayers and for giving us all a spiritual high.

Alexis Ban
Andrew Baskin
Hannah Baskin
Rebecca Brandon
Sarah Brandon
Lauren Cohen
Lily Cohen
Rebecca Cohen
Brian Feiler
Matthew Feiler
Lindsay Fleishman
Ben Glazer
Jaden Gerard
Noah Haberman-Hirsch
Daniel Kroner
Emma Lustigman
Noah Mandelman
Melissa Reifman
Sarah Rimland
Brooke Sendik
Sarah Shill
Jack Silver
Jayme Silver
Jeremy Slaten
Arielle Solomon
Nina Stewart
Sarah Stupak
Olivia Tanchel
Jake Ziff
Max Zuckerman


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