Chaverim (Friends),

Once again this summer (our 11th year) our synagogue, along with four other congregations, will be working together to host homeless families through Family Promise of Bergen County.  They will be sheltered at Our Lady Mother of the Church in Woodcliff Lake.

The dates we will be covering are Monday, August 26, Wednesday, August 28th and Thursday, August 29th. 

This is a meaningful and important mitzvah and your help is greatly needed.

We need volunteers to prepare and serve dinner, spend time with the families and to stay overnight.  You can volunteer as a family, a single, or a group of friends. Feel free to invite a friend to share this experience with you. Non-Temple Emanuel members are welcome to volunteer too.

Dinner Crew (6:30pm – 8pm). Volunteers will prepare dinner at home for about 20 people.  We will not know how many will be staying until the last minute, so the number can change. Dinner does not have to be kosher. Any final preparations for dinner can be done (heating) at Our Lady Mother of the Church. The church has basic pots & pans, dishes and serving pieces.  Paper goods will be supplied by the church as well.   Dinner is usually setup buffet style and you are asked to serve and assist the families. We encourage the dinner crew and other volunteers to eat with the families. After dinner, the dinner crew and the 1st shift are expected to help clean up.  After clean up, the dinner crew can depart at any time.

1st Shift (6:45 – 10:15pm). Volunteers are encouraged to eat with the families. After dinner please help the dinner crew clean up. After clean up, please let the families know that they can take any leftovers or lunch supplies for lunch for the following day. All supplies are already supplied by Our Lady Mother of the Church. Please assist the families in preparing lunch for the next day. After all lunch preparations are done, please put away all food and wipe down the counters/tables.

Volunteers are asked hang out with the families, watch a movie, play games, read books… If the weather is nice a volunteer can take some of the children out to play in the back parking area. We will not know the ages of the children or how many will be staying until the last minute. When it is time for the families to head to bed the volunteers are asked to tidy up the play area, kitchen and common area. At about 10 pm the 1st shift has fulfilled their commitment.

Overnight Shift (10:15/30pm to 6:15am)

Your responsibilities include:

– make sure everyone is up by about 5am or 5:30am. (Most of the families have alarm clocks.)

– let the families know about breakfast and remind them to take their lunch if they have packed it.

– make sure everything is tidy in the kitchen, bathrooms, play area, and common area.

– you are NOT required to stay awake all night

If you want a specific shift, let me know ASAP.
Feel good about making a difference in someone’s life. Contact me to sign up!

Jen Romanoff – – 201-406-7402