Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley


5 days 2 options:
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday , Wednesday & Friday
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday

Enrichment Activities (optional) 2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

The Four’s is the culmination of your child’s preschool years. Your child’s growth is immense and evident in his behavior. His curiosity and love of learning is at a peak, and our teachers work hard to feed, nurture and continue to challenge him with exciting topics and projects. At this point, the children’s comfort level is such that they consider ECP their home away from home.

Love of Learning…The Best Prep for Kindergarten


Children at this age are becoming extremely independent with very distinct personalities. Our teachers encourage that independence and simultaneously create a sense of a shared, respectful community. Each student has an assigned job within the classroom, is expected to resolve conflicts, use their words to express feelings and work out differences.

Four's Socializing


The level of learning in the Four’s, in preparation for kindergarten, is significant. The teachers’ focus is to give your child the skills he’ll need to succeed in kindergarten. The children will develop their language skills through rhyming, plays, and music. The class writes stories and poems, and further develops their creativity and imagination by acting out those stories. The teachers practice reading skills and begin penmanship. The children feel empowered as their reading and writing skills grow. The teachers build each child’s mathematical and analytic skills by using graphs and charts and integrating counting, measuring and estimating into their daily activities. How many boys versus girls in the class? If we eat two pieces of the apple we picked at the farm, how many will be left for our friend? The children are learning at a rapid pace, and because it is active learning, through things we find in daily life, they are having fun doing it!

During the Four’s school year the children participate in many different and exciting units that span a length of time. These units create opportunities for in-depth study by researching, extending concepts and honing critical thinking skills in the areas of children’s greatest interest.

The units include the creation of the world, learning about light and dark, making a spacecraft to explore the universe, learning about nature, understanding the effects of pollution on our environment, becoming immersed in art and how famous artists put feelings on canvas, and how musicians bring emotion to the instruments of an orchestra. Each day the children make a friendship circle in which they discuss their feelings, understand how we use our senses to explore the world, and dictate stories to the teachers about themselves and the discoveries they have made. It is truly an incredible journey.

Fours Academics

The teachers view this in-depth learning component as a way to stimulate the child and feed his curious nature. Using the latest educational technology, the children are encouraged to take risks and initiate ideas in a supportive and loving environment. Learning about the world around us enhances your child’s curious nature and illustrate each teacher’s passion for educating the whole child.

This year we have added the "Handwriting without Tears" program to the four's curriculum.  This program introduces handwriting in a fun, interactive way.


Foreign Language Experiences

Once a week the children are exposed to both Spanish and Hebrew.  A certified Spanish teacher visits and the children learn basic vocabulary and phrases through story and song. In addition they learn about other cultures, learn new dances and even taste ethnic foods.

Our Religious school director, Rabbi Shelly Kniaz also visits weekly to introduce a Hebrew letter.  She might read a story, teach a new song or have the children practice writing the letters.

When children are taught languages at a young age they tend to remember what they are taught, which will help in the later school years.


Extracurricular Activities

Our program includes the option of specially designed, age-appropriate, weekly sessions in Soccer , Teddy Tennis, Creative Movement, Computer Science (Imagine Tomorrow by KidKlicks), Young Rembrandts and cooking classes. These activities are incorporated into your child’s week, as you choose. They teach new skills, increase attention spans, build confidence, build on your child’s creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, teach the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle…and the kids have so much fun!