Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley


Must turn two by October 1.

Available 3 or 5 days per week
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Enrichment Activities (optional) 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Teddy Bears

The Two’s is your child’s first formal year of Preschool. It is an exciting and wonderful time full of socialization, learning and independence. You will be nothing short of amazed as you watch the change in your child as he or she grows and matures over this milestone year.

Easing separation beginning preschool is a big adjustment for both parent and child. We understand and want to make this transition as easy and comfortable as possible. The key to a successful separation is an honest, open and trusting relationship between parent and teacher.

Our warm, nurturing and experienced teachers work with the children, giving them lots of attention and helping them understand that their teachers can meet their needs while they are in school.


Two's Socializing

Children at this age are learning something new every day. They are excited to hear a story, play with a new toy or uncover something they haven’t seen before. They are discovering that there are other children in their world of whom they must be considerate and respectful.

Starting their day sharing Circle Time, they engage in conversation and begin the skills of being a good listener, courteous and patient. This is an opportunity to talk and develop language in a fun way. Through questions, books or a class puppet, teachers find original and innovative ways to draw your child into conversation.

As your child interacts with other children during free play, she will learn sharing and cooperation. The world of play is one of the most significant areas in which your two-year-old will grow, gradually shifting from parallel play to cooperative and interactive play.

The children also grow emotionally during this year, learning compassion and selflessness. They give tzedakah every Friday, understanding that it is a mitzvah to give something to children who do not have all the toys and possessions that they have. They draw pictures for classmates celebrating a birthdays, creating a book for the birthday child, and cards for friends who are sick. The children see how their kind acts make others happy.

As their awareness of others increases throughout the year, so does your child’s independence and ability to help herself. Your child will learn to hang up her own coat, put it on herself when it’s time to go home, and line up with the class. She will participate in clean up time, organizing the room, and throwing away garbage. Your child will learn routine and how to follow directions. These skills will help your child grow and experience the beginning of self-sufficiency.


As your child grows socially and emotionally, she will also be challenged academically. The Early Childhood Program is a print rich environment and the children are constantly working with books. Your child will quickly learn to recognize her name, learn colors, sizes and shapes,and be building the foundation for reading skills and the critical thinking that lies ahead. Through baking for holidays, the instructors will teach your child basic math and science, measuring and counting ingredients.

Two's Academics


While your child is learning about the world around her, we want to nurture a deep appreciation for Judaism. Our teachers take great pride in teaching the children about Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. The children learn the history of the holidays and the unique traditions associated with each one. Whether hearing the blowing of the shofar on Yom Kippur, dipping apples in honey on Rosh Hashanah or planting seeds for Tu B’Shvat, your child will actively learn about Jewish heritage. The children are visited by our Rabbi and Cantor and will have an opportunity to go into the Temple’s sanctuary and feel part of our larger Jewish community.

Throughout the term, each Friday, one child’s parents are invited to join the class, reading a favorite story and participating in the children’s musical celebration of Shabbat. This tradition is one of many opportunities parents have throughout the year to see first hand what wonderful things are going on in the classroom.

The spiritual portion of the curriculum is designed to encourage acceptance of all people and foster appreciation for the many traditions and cultures that enrich a flourishing community.

Two's Study Judaism

Extracurricular Activities

Our program includes the option of specially designed, age-appropriate, weekly sessions in Soccer, Creative Movement and cooking classes. These activities are incorporated into your child’s week, as you choose. They teach new skills, increase attention spans, grow confidence, build on your child’s creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, teach the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle…and the kids have so much fun!