KERUV  (pronounced Kay-roov) to draw near, to approach”… is a program initially developed by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) to help couples, parents, extended families and synagogues deal with issues regarding interfaith relationships and marriage.

This is the sixth season Temple Emanuel is bringing the resources of KERUV to our congregation. These facilitated discussions, address interfaith relationships, interfaith marriage, and how to respectfully and lovingly share our heritage with our Jewish and non-Jewish family members.

We are delighted to invite Rabbi Leana Moritt back to the homes of temple members.Rabbi Leana Moritt is the founder of Thresholds: for the Jewishly Curious – a Jewish life education and interfaith resource consultancy in Bergen County. Under Thresholds, Rabbi Moritt teaches and counsels interfaith families, Jews and new Jews. She is also the rabbi and spiritual leader of the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation.With Rabbi Leana Moritt’s guidance, we will celebrate ourselves, our families, our children and our grandchildren while answering “why and how.”

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Did you know...

31% of married Jews are intermarried

According to the National Jewish Population Survey of 2000‐2001. Interfaith marriage is a common contemporary phenomenon.


33% of intermarried Jews raise Jewish children

Intermarriage raises important questions that deeply affect the couple as well as the broader family.