It is the Little Moments that Make Life Big . . .This phrase was recently added to my office wall collection of sagely teachings. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of the little moments—of the mundane moments in time.

We tend to get caught up in the big moments; in the metaphorical fireworks. The milestones, the big holidays, and life-altering events. Those moments catch our attention and even take our breath away.

Yet, it is the small moments that can truly change us and impact us. Perhaps that is the lesson Judaism is trying to teach us in the rhythm of our calendar. For just about an entire month, we celebrate holiday after holiday. We began the month of Tishrei at the end of September ushering in the New Year. Then we celebrated Yom Kippur; followed by Sukkot, Shmeni Atzeret, and Simchat Torah. It was a whirlwind of holidays and celebrations. And as Tishrei came to an end, so did all of the holidays. The month that follows, is the month of Heshvan, often known as Mar Heshvan—bitter Heshvan. It has gained such a name, because of its lack of holidays. Outside of Shabbat, there is not a single holiday in the month. We go from the frenzy of continuous holidays to the monotony of ordinary days for an entire month straight.

Heshvan is a reminder that after all of the extra-ordinary, holiness exists in the quiet days. Heshvan is the perfect reminder that the little moments truly do make life big.